Village People (Limits)


I didn’t forget to do a blog for May, I just didn’t make time for it since so many other things always seemed more important. I’m now writing this at 2330 on the 31st of May. I doubt I’ll get it out until next month, but it’ll be close enough right?

The above half painted models are all NPCs from the western town. I will get round to painting them fully at some point, but the main reason I print and paint every model, is to make sure that other people can print and paint every model. I can be pretty confident of these things because I don’t calibrate my printers very well, and I’m a middling miniature painter. These minis all have 25mm bases and most of them have realistic proportions (You might be pointing at the Mayor’s moustache, but I assure you that happened).

I do find problems at this stage of course, and I fix them and make reprints. That black dog is clearly huge for example. Some people might appreciate the detail of the fur, but I imagine most people would prefer a good boy that doesn’t look like it will swallow a man whole. A more subtle issue is the banker’s watch chain. I’ll need to make this a little bulkier because while it prints on the Phrozon mini 4K, it simply doesn’t print on the Elegoo mars: one of the most common printers that people have. I have the same issue with a small spider demon thing so that’ll have to get a little rework too. The point is, that I’m testing these things so you don’t have to. Having said that, if a model is difficult to paint, I’m just going note that somewhere so you know, I’m not going to simplify it. You just have to try harder to paint it nicely 😛


I put this image here because it seemed to fit. These characters are some of the other NPCs from the western. I have models for some, including Grace and Granny spooks who were in the first image, although Granny is unpainted, and that version of Grace is wearing a blindfold. There are reasons and they aren’t kinky so just go with it.

For the mini of the one armed guy I just snapped an arm off one of the generic cowboys, and the burnt native brave came into existence because I had an accident with an airbrush that defined his backstory. The creator of this universe is a clumsy god. The images are just for brightening up the scenario document and the only reason they are in this post is to say thanks to the artist who did half the work on them: Francesca Tarsitano. I’d tell you to go check out her portfolio but she hasn’t properly put one together yet, so instead I’m going to say that the three cowboys in the picture are self portraits she made to reflect her moods, including the beard. If she wants to dispute that she can firebomb my house later.

Anyway, social media exists for a reason, and one day people will realize that reason and stop using it. Until that day, I will occasionally vomit content onto your feeds. Bye for now.