WikiWiki Wild Wild West



Yes. I did start this blog post with a reference to a terrible film. I’m not even ashamed.

Production continues on the Wild West scenario. Lots of text is boring without context and there is a huge risk of spoilers, so here we can see the first stage of painting the Gambler and the Demolitionist

I actually finished painting them, but the cat commandeered my lap so I can’t go take pictures of them yet. The important thing is, I am now slightly less behind on my miniature painting schedule than I was a couple of days ago.

Looking at the picture, some of you may be thinking I am disrespecting something by using  ancient paints as model holders. I say NAY! I am honouring the  superb hexagonal bottles with life beyond death?… Paints might be fine inside. The point is that these bottles let you put the model down flat at 7 different angles… and I think I also get extra geek cred for having them.

Back to sculpting the rest of the crew I think. Wait. I forgot my call to action. EVERYONE! GO DO STUFF!  Sorted. Bye for now.