Busy Busy Bang! Bang!


So I got to the last day of the month and realised I hadn’t made a blog for January. That isn’t a big deal, just bad behavior on my part. Nothing to worry about. If I don’t make a blog post for a couple of weeks to a month that just means I’m busy. Those pictures above were both from 2020. Those guys are all painted already but I’ll cover that in another blog…probably.

As you can probably make out from my poor attempts at photography, all the cowboys and natives models are made and printed for the Wild west scenario. That actually puts us at about 20 models out of the original 6 I had planned.  But since covid has decided to hold the world hostage and delayed the release of SARIL, I might as well make it bigger and better while I’m waiting… although I do miss coding a bit.

If you actually sat and counted the different models in each picture you may notice that there aren’t 20 distinct models and I applaud your thoroughness. Know that I just haven’t shown you all the models yet… for reasons.

Unrelated to that… and most of the rest of the universe, I thought it important to point out that my toaster decided to introduce a diversity quota. 2020 was a strange year.


Toaster politics aside, I’ve been working on documentation mostly this month. Tidying stuff up and filling in any bits and bobs that might be obvious to me but others would like described more specifically. No point in showing you 200+ pages of documentation just yet so you can settle for the current version of the symbol font but with no context. Good luck decoding it. 


I will try to be a good boy and post a blog a bit more often in the coming months, but If I’m posting multiple blogs each week that probably means I’m procrastinating so you don’t want that.

Call to action. YouTube, twitter, Facebook, yadda yadda yadda etc. I’m off.  Bye for now.