The Beaky Bois

Join the Beaky Bois as they set out on their adventure!
This dungeon crawler is the perfect first adventure to cut your teeth on… well your characters have no teeth so that is a bad metaphor. It’s a good starting adventure for new players and people who have been playing other systems. It takes you through building a simple but lovable character, and then lets you DM take you through a magical dungeon with many puzzles, confrontations, riddles, traps, and monsters… or maybe just some of those things because it’s super customizable. It can be a 1 shot lasting only a single session, or an epic dungeon romp that you split over multiple sessions. Good luck!
Look. Pretty Toys!
All these Beaky Boi STL files are included with the adventure! Obviously you have to print them yourself and paint them. I’m not coming over to your place to do that for you. You can probably do a better job of it anyway.

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