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Super Secret DM notes (Players don’t read this!)

This adventure is in it’s early stages. It will allow players to use different dice types (D8 and D10 instead of D6) but will also cover a number of special skills and multi part actions.

Stay and get experimented on by the shady government organization? Nah!
Come on! You knew there was nothing here already. Why did you even bother. Why did I even bother putting up this placeholder. We both know you’re just procrastination all the way down here. Just go sign up for the newsletter. We’ll let you know when something hugely significant happens. Just go about your business and pretend that your government isn’t up to no good shady business in the shadows.
Move along now. Nothing to see here you looky loos.
This is an empty space. It won’t be empty forever, but it will be for quite some time.