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Of course the ship will hold together… if we don’t take another hit. 

A highly advanced space ship has been lost somewhere in the local star systems, it should be returned to it’s owners, but if another faction gets a hold it, they’ll be able change the balance of power in the region.

It’s a stand-off! Political tensions are high, and no-one is willing to make a move… officially.


3-6 players


Ages 12+


30-60+ hours

Super Secret DM notes (Players don’t read this!)

This adventure is a sci-fi heist. It has a focus on skullduggery, investigation, space battles, and low gravity environments. Players will have to work together, but will also each be given secret objectives. Trust and paranoia may be an issue.

Here are some of the models for this scenario. Aren’t they cool?
Printed and Painted Examples!
I decided all the spaceship models could be designed so that they’d fit a 3mm LED, and then created a special base for a 2032 battery. No wires are needed.