Clone Cargo Crisis: First Beta

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Wanted to say thanks to the four brave volunteers from Teesside University’s Tabletop Society. These four were given a very quick crash course in the basic rules, the history of the parallax universe, who the clones were, and what their mission was before setting off on their first ever mission. The paragraph below the photo won’t make a lot of sense to anybody but the four players, but I felt they earned it.


Through a valiant effort, plus some incredible luck and timing in the end game, the team managed to save the VIP and his precious cargo. All clones came out alive and despite several visceral injuries are all expected to make a full recovery and be back on duty within weeks.  They have each proven viable in the field and are no longer considered just a number, but also a name in the form of a well earned callsign.

Clone 21: Through decisive action, Clone 21 took charge of the group, showing leadership potential as well as good all round performance throughout the mission. Despite loosing a limb in an ambush, he managed to get back in the fight and come to the aid of his fellow clones at a critical moment through skilled zero-G maneuvering. It was for this act he has now been designated “Floater”.

Clone 07: Although stoic and initially seeming to lack initiative, Clone 07 proved to have a keen eye, and an excellent aim. Officially logging the most kills in the mission with an accuracy of over 50%. Clone 07 remained focused on the mission even when victims were being cut up in the adjacent room, successfully calmed the survivors, and never retreated even in seemingly dire circumstances, this clone has been designated “Chill”.

Clone 40: Despite command asserting that he shouldn’t take his fists to a gun fight, Clone 40 weighed in to hand to hand combat with butcher bots, and despite all odds repeatedly came out on top. In the climax of the mission it was also clone 40 who charged the enemy stronghold alone and used EMP grenades to hold off the enemy with long enough to start a meltdown in the ships capacitors. For this reason, and definitely not because he fumbled an easy catch, this clone has been designated “Surehands”.

and Finally, Clone 69: Despite nearly failing basic training and being deemed borderline defective by clone quality control, 69 was not terminated due to his skill with all forms of technology. His combat performance has been described by his commanding officer as “Piss poor”, but the VIP personally gave 69 a commendation for his safeguarding and extraction of all important cargo. Clone 69 suffered injuries listed as ‘horrific mutilation to the pelvic area’, and thus was granted the designation “Truama’ after another callsign was deemed inappropriate by command.

Congratulations Team.

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