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George Craig has gone missing. Everyone is a suspect, and the town is in big trouble!

The young town of Canyon Crook has more than it’s fair share of secrets. There are political alliances, underhanded business dealings, a litany of rumors, and a very suspicious missing persons case to solve. You’ve turned up just in time to solve the towns problems, but having you bitten off more than you can chew?

Twisting West is a scenario that can be run with multiple layers of complexity. You can keep it small and simple with a Magnificent Seven style town defense, you can have a murder mystery, or you can have an interdimensional demon invasion. You can also have all three together for an epic weird west adventure.

Note: Although the age is listed as 12+, given the setting it is possible for a DM to take this adventure to some very dark places. Talk to your DM before starting.

Twisting West

2-7 players

Twisting West

Ages 12+

Twisting West

40-120+ hours

Super Secret DM notes (Players don’t read this!)

This adventure has the potential to be huge. It has a focus on investigation, social interaction, and good old shoot outs…. buuuut… If you choose to go weird west (everyone does), then you are also facing psychological horror, demons, and time loops. It’s a truly amazing epic, but take good notes.

STL files for the Twisting West scenario
This little town has a large cast of characters. Thankfully for the players who play weird west, only a couple of the demons actually appear. The others are there for DMs to run their own adventures in this setting.
Painted Examples

Here are examples of most of the models printed and painted at 28mm scale


Here are example tokens scaled to 50%. The tokens are normally made up to 480×480.  The much larger portrait images will likely be available too, depending on how things go.

Twisting West
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