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A warehouse is just a large coffin we get to share!
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You don’t need the Core Rules for this. Everything you need is included.

You can grab the map too as a handout.

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“The Commune sent your group to find a stash rumoured to be in the warehouse district. It should have been safer with the heavy rainfall, and you did get the stash, but that’s when everything went to hell! There was an explosion. A trap, or maybe just bad luck. The dead poured in and your group scattered. Escaping into the flooded utility tunnels, you splashed your way through the darkness with the echoes of the infected close behind you. Finally, you find a ladder to the surface, and the hatch opens without a fight…”

Note: This can be a dark setting with nasty things happening to people. Talk to your DM before starting to establish boundaries.

Dead Exit: The Warehouse

1-5 players

Dead Exit: The Warehouse

Ages 12+

Dead Exit: The Warehouse

2-4 hours

Super Secret DM notes (Players don’t read this!)

This adventure has the potential to be dark, but you control how dark.  There is a focus on escape and teamwork, but gruesome injuries can occur. Players should expect character death if they mess up, but they get an new character quickly. This is a starter adventure after all.

Roll20 Character Sheet

Download the BETA Roll20 Character sheet. Pretty easy to use in a game and instructions are included just in case you have some trouble. 

This is the only token available until I make some player character ones at some point.

The Minis!

A male and female in coveralls, and a dead. It’s all you really need for this adventure. These STL files are FREE when you download the adventure.

Download them now!

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