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Get ready to adventure more!


If you’d like to jump right in, the basic rules for the player can be picked up from a simple 1-page guide, that has refences to each section in case you need more detail. There are also plenty of notes for new DMs (the person who runs the game) to get you up and running in no time. If you want to keep things simple and all in the dramatic Theatre of the mind? Sure. No problem! Want deep tactical battles with high risk multiple actions, combat canges, damage types, armour, cover, limb targeting, dual wielding, charging up power, cooperative spell casting and beam struggles? We have that covered too! It’s really up to you.


These two pages (and the video) show an example of a simple moment.

Core Rules
Core Rules

What does it mean to have a skill of 4. It’s more than just a number!

SARIL offers more for DMs too. Here are a few narrative tools.

Old version of the basics used for Beta testers (in Potato Cam vision) Just here if you like the charm of it.

A Basic Introduction
Melee Range, and Fighting Multiple Enemies
Ranged Weapons, and Action Speed
Multi-Part Actions, and Focusing
I had to stop doing things shortly after that. Thanks Covid!

Maybe there will be more in future? Or maybe somebody more competent will take up the task. Who knows.