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Some of the items on this list might be tricky to get!

It’s a simple supply run but never ask “what could go wrong?” I guarantee you don’t want to know the answer. Bad stuff is going to happen and we won’t all make it, but if any of us are going to make it then we need what is on that list. You guys drew the short straws so get out there, and don’t get bitten!

The Dead Exit Scenario was actually the first one we used for beta testing the SARIL system back in 2018. Mostly because we already had art for all the standees and portraits as we could just pull them from the Dead Exit card game. It’s popular, but not as good for new players as the Beaky Bois adventure. It’s a great setting and if the project keeps going then all the notes and sketches will be changed into a proper scenario document. Whether we also make minis for it is harder to say since there are loads of zombie minis out there already. We’ll see what the feedback says.

Note: This is a dark setting with nasty things happening to people. Talk to your DM before starting to establish boundaries.

Dead Exit

2-7 players

Dead Exit

Ages 16+

Dead Exit

4-16 hours

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Super Secret DM notes (Players don’t read this!)

This adventure has the potential to be dark, but you control how dark.  There is a focus on survival, negotiation, hordes of undead, modern weaponry, and gruesome injury. Players should expect character death if they mess up.

It didn’t take much to convent the standees for the digital card game of Dead Exit into printed out game parts for beta testing. We used full body standees for the betas but we’ve now also made tokens because they work better online
Dead Exit
The Only Mini
This only exists because it was the first model to be printed on the resin printer. Granted we printed about twenty of them and left most of them half painted, but it exists.
I’m glad you liked those. Feel free to have a nosey around the other scenarios, then please get yourself back to the kickstarter page.  Back the project so that all of this can be a reality.