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Is the wedding off? Open the portal! Run for your lives!

Get ready to jump into the unknown! You’ll need to summon all of your wit, skill, and magical power in order to navigate the ever changing realms of chaos and survive the pursuing inquisition.

Scenario features include:

  • Elemental spells including co-op casting and beam struggles
  • multiple fantasy races including the big fuzzy droby, and the cunning reptilian stru
  • environments of doom including plains, caves, swamps, mazes, and a really really dark place
  • monsters including the both wraith, crawlers, and the rift mantis (what they can do is a DM secret)

Note: This scenario is currently under construction. details are likely to change.

Quests in Chaos

2-7 players

Quests in Chaos

Ages 12+

Quests in Chaos

??? hours

Super Secret DM notes (Players don’t read this!)

This adventure has a focus on fantasy combat, elemental magic, monsters, strange environments,  and even spell creation.  It is technically set in the same universe as the Beaky Bois Bird Brained bonanza, but expands on that unimaginably.

STL Models

Not too much to see here yet. Also, designs may change as production and testing continue, e.g. the rift mantis is 1 piece currently, but i think I should make it modular so people can pose it as they like. We’ll see.

Printed and Painted Example

Here are examples of printed and (mostly)painted 28mm scale miniatures. These mini’s require a higher level of skill and brush control than the beakies due to increased detail.