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Who’s turn is it? Everyone’s!

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Let the DM describe the imminent danger as ‘7 fanged beasts descend from the treetops, each trying to attack the closest hero.‘ Now the players quickly discuss a plan for the moment, then everyone rolls their dice at once to see if the plan worked. No waiting for your turn. No boring hit point sponge monsters. No standing around just taking hits until you can act.


Players get to choose how they apply each skill every moment. They can roll more dice for speed, or Focus dice to increase score. One roll decides who succeeds, the measure of their success, damage, and even positioning.


Think of SARIL as the Unreal engine for tabletop roleplaying. Keep things super simple or use as many of the tools as you like to create your own deep and meaningful scenario, whether that’s fantasy, sci-fi, eldritch horror, spy drama, or comedy bread people.


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SARIL is all about creating exciting adventures and the tools to create your own adventures!

We’ve created loads of STL files. Get an adventure and STLs come with it!

And assets and tokens for online play. That includes a cool Roll20 Character Sheet!

Please take a look around. I had to cancel the Kickstarter due to my wife getting ill, but she’s better now, so we’ll be back in the 2023, better than ever. Try the free ‘DEAD EXIT: The Warehouse‘ adventure while you wait!


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