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Welcome to the press kit drop page! Be you bard, town Crier, herald, journalist, data miner,  knowledge hungry A.I., or just a curious adventurer.

SARIL is a brand new (apart from the almost four years of development and playtesting) Tabletop RPG system and adventures. It has a lot of neat tricks such as simultaneous rolling and co-operative spell casting. Here are a few of the USPs, but feel free to click on the image below to open up a new tab about the core rules.

Click on the file image to download a zip package with everything you need.

The SARIL Kickstarter launches on the 24th of October. This zip package should have everything you need, but feel free to keep reading or take a nosey around the rest of the website and the kickstarter preview.

If you are kind enough to cover SARIL, please include the link to the kickstarter preview,

and the link to our Kickstarter Info page.

Love tabletop roleplay and think you can help show SARIL to a lot of people?

Then we have physical copies of the rule book and some 3D printed models to ship. Numbers are limited on these, please register interest by clicking on the image and using the contact form or talk to me on Facebook @Radiationburn

Don’t have a large following but you just love TTRPG games? We can’t afford to send everyone a physical book but we can send you a full Core Rules PDF!

It has loads of extra cool stuff like multi part actions, simultaneous spell casting, beam struggles, monsters, steeds, vehicles, and space battles! Not to mention DM advice on how to create your own scenarios and make your own spells!

To learn more about the individual adventures, STL files, or digital tokens, click on these 3 images.

The Launches on the 24th of October.

Please take a look at  Kickstarter preview page and share it if you can.

If  you’d like to contact us about getting one of these physical copies, or if there is anything else you need, something you’d like to know, or you just fancy a chat, please get in touch.

Thanks for your time. As a small company we appreciate it immensely.